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Unexpectedly pregnant?
Not sure what to do?

Find support and talk through

your pregnancy options.

It's free. It's confidential.

"Everyone said they would support my decision, but I didn't know how to decide."

Unexpected Pregnancy

If you are in an unexpected pregnancy we can equip you with the care you need to make an informed decision.


We provide decision-making resources, pregnancy tests and support to allow you to make your best decision around your sexual health and unexpected pregnancy.

Email response within 24 hours.

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Our Services

We offer the following FREE services.


We offer many supports no matter what decision you make.


Discuss all of your options and equip yourself with knowledge and resources to inform your choice.


Free Pregnancy Tests

in a safe and confidential environment.

Email response within 24 hours.

Image by Peter Conlan

About Us

Haven Pregnancy Support Clinic is a Christian-based organization. We understand that we, ourselves have received grace and compassion and wish to share that with our community. We do this by striving to respect, empower, and support each and every client we serve. 

We offer FREE programs and services that are committed to: 


Empowering Individuals to make fully informed and self-directed decisions. We do this by offering information that is accurate, evidence-informed and non-judgmental.


Creating Safety by supporting individuals in making decisions that are consistent with their values and by providing supports for all pregnancy outcomes.  

Creating Options by offering programs and services that address the cultural, social, spiritual and economic concerns which cause individuals to see abortion as their only option to an unexpected pregnancy. 

Our Commitment Of Care

We provide trauma-informed care in a safe environment regardless of age, race, income, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, ability, or lifestyle.





As a charity, we are supported by the generosity and kindness of individual donors, foundations, agencies, corporations, churches and promotional events. We do not receive government funding for our care.


We are: 

  • One of more than 80 independent community-based agencies affiliated with Pregnancy Care Canada (PCC) committed to operating in alignment with PCC’s Commitment of Care and Competence. 

  • A team of caring, trained staff and volunteers, under the supervision of a full-time Executive Director. 

  • A non-political incorporated society. Our charitable registration number is 88971-7369 RR 0001. 

  • Governed by an overseeing Board of Directors. For more information on our Board of Directors and Financial Accountability please email our Executive Director at 

Email response within 24 hours.


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Putting faith into practice in Victoria, BC

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