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Haven's Childbirth
Education Series

Haven is excited to offer Childbirth Education that is designed to help educate and prepare you and your partner for your new arrival. Haven classes are both interactive and fun.

Our Approach

We believe you are the best person to determine which birthing and infant care options are best for you. Our goal is to offer a balanced approach. This means we present you with all the options available to you on your birthing and early parenting journey.

Our Classes

What Our Sessions Cover...


Class 1

Labour & Delivery

(3 Hours)

  • Pregnancy Anatomy

  • Late Pregnancy Challenges

  • Understanding the Physiology of Birth

  • Preparing for Labour

  • Stages of Labour

  • Interventions

  • Pain Management

  • Preparing for the Unexpected

  • Methods of Induction

Class 3

Newborn Care

(3 Hours)

  • Newborn at Birth

  • Newborn Characteristics

  • Newborn Abilities

  • Newborn Needs

  • Newborn/Infant Care

  • When to call your Healthcare Provider

  • You and Your Baby

Class 2

Comfort Measures

(3 Hours)

  • Affirming birth-partners role and needs

  • Learn and practice pain-coping approaches

  • Early Comfort Strategies

  • Labour Positions

  • Strategies as Labour Progresses

  • Postpartum Adjustments

Class 4

Feeding Your Newborn

(3 Hours)

  • Breastfeeding/Chest feeding

  • Feeding is a TEAM Sport!

  • How the body feeds your baby

  • Lactation Positions – yours and baby

  • Baby and Lactation

  • Is my baby getting enough milk?

  • Self-care and Challenges with feeding

  • Milk for later - expressing and storing

  • Bottle Feeding

  • Safe formula feeding

Class Fees

Since Childbirth Education is an essential part of preparing for the birth of a child, Haven offers classes based on a sliding scale to accommodate all incomes.

Household gross annual income is based on the income of class participants combined

Class Fee Schedule.png

(click on fee schedule image to enlarge)

*Haven Clients contact for more information.

If your life circumstances make it difficult to pay the indicated session fees, please reach out to

When To Register

We recommend you register to take our series when you are between 32-36 weeks gestation.

Space is limited so register early.


Check upcoming classes and register

Our Instructors


Shannon comes to us with over 20 years experience as a Doula and Childbirth Educator working in Alberta, Manitoba and here in BC. She started at the center in 2018 as a volunteer Doula and in 2021 she took over our Childbirth Education classes, revamping the class series to include more up-to-date information and activities and recently updated her Childbirth Education Certificate through Douglas College.

Shannon has extensive leadership skills and experience serving as the past President for the International Cesarean Awareness Network/Edmonton VBAC Association from 2002-2007. Shannon is a local business owner and a proud mother of 4 adult children who bring her much joy. 


Rebecca McAlpine is a retired Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Her career has focused on

Maternal-child care and Pediatrics nationally and internationally. Rebecca helped to initiate the

Bangkok Maternity Center, led medical missions to Central America and worked in three

provinces in maternal and acute care pediatrics. She has also been a nurse instructor and

Professional Practice Clinician of pediatrics.


Rebecca believes in servant leadership and supporting families and infants through pre and

postnatal care is a joy and honour for Rebecca. Rebecca’s desire is to bring a holistic and

inclusive approach to Haven’s prenatal and childbirth classes where every individual feels

valued while being empowered to navigate the nuances and blessings of parenthood. The  greatest pleasure of Rebecca’s life continues to be the love of her children and grand-children.

Class Resources & Handouts

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