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Parenting Resources

Empowering you to make healthy choices for your future.

The thought of becoming a parent can be overwhelming at any time, especially if the news of your pregnancy is unexpected. Caring for a new life is a big responsibility, but can also be one of life's most rewarding experiences.  We offer many practical and emotional supports to individuals who choose to  parent. 

Parenting Resources

We offer a wide variety of practical and emotional supports for new parents.


  • Whole person care assessment 

  • Doula services 

  • Childbirth Education Series 

  • New Moms Groups 

  • Parenting classes 

  • Bright Course programs which cover topics such as finance and home care, bringing home a baby, and the toddler years 

  • Community referrals and resources 

  • Practical needs including clothing and diapers 

We are here to support your parenting journey through pregnancy and into baby care. 

New groups & classes start every month. All of our support services are FREE.

Post-Abortion Care

Confidential and safe support for women and men.

After an abortion, many people feel some relief, while others have negative emotions. 

Reactions may be immediate, or feelings may arise years later; responses vary. They depend on age, stage of pregnancy, religious or cultural beliefs, mental health, and other factors regarding the abortion. 


We offer support to anyone facing challenging emotions as a result of an abortion. 


What To Expect: The Journey Of Hope 

This confidential program is completely free for all participants and includes: 

  • One on one support with our certified grief recovery specialist

  • Weekly, 1 hour appointments for 6-8 weeks 

  • Take-home workbook resource


You Can Make A Plan

So many thoughts go into making parenting decisions.

There's a lot to consider. If you aren't sure you are prepared to be a full-time parent, ask yourself if you've ever thought about providing parents for your baby? 

You Can Provide

You can hand-pick a family for your child. You can create a plan that will have your child's best interests at heart and provide parents who can give all the things necessary for your baby to thrive. This is adoption. 

Our Role

We support and walk alongside a client when she feels that an adoption decision is in the best interest of her child. For parents who choose adoption we offer: 

  • Answers to questions 

  • Emotional & practical support 

  • Information on adoption agencies 1 on 1 childbirth education classes Personal birth Doula 

  • Ongoing birth-parent support during and after adoption 

  • Urgent placement support 

Pregnancy Loss

Miscarriage and Stillbirth

Experiencing Loss?

We often look outside of ourselves when looking for healing - we want "resolution" and "explanation". But you may find that even after explanations have been given 

and resolution has been made, your pregnancy loss simply needs to be experienced. 


Journey Together


By experiencing that pain alongside someone committed to walking the path of grief together, you give your soul the permission it needs to process and heal. 

Pregnancy Support

Grief and Recovery

We have two one-on-one courses to choose from. The first is not specific to pregnancy loss, but enables clients to experience healing from loss. In this course our certified Grief Recovery Method specialist walks alongside clients through the Grief Recovery Handbook. 

Alternatively, our client advocate can support you through a healing journey designed for pregnancy loss. This is a 3-6 week course that gives clients the opportunity to tell their story and process how they are coping with their loss.

Thank you for trusting us to walk this path with you. 


Our goal is that no one in Greater Victoria faces an unexpected pregnancy alone.


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Putting faith into practice in Victoria, BC

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